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2016 June, The Boulders winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson.
2016 June, The Boulders eventual winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson during the round.

There will be one year worth of Newsletters kept on this page. The very latest will be printed in its entirety. The others will have links to each one if you would like to go back and catch up on VGA news.

The VGA Eagle

Fourth Quarter 2017

From the Board Meeting December 5, 2017

The VGA officers for the 2018 year will remain the same as they were in 2017 with the exception of the rules committee chairman. They are as follows; Tony Dalton –
president, Ron Amstutz – vice-president, Rusty Silverman – secretary, Fred Baldwin – treasurer, and Neal Fisel – handicap chairman.

The Board voted to add Dan Christiansen as our newest board member. Congratulations Dan.

Don Pierce is now a member of the rules committee. Thanks to Dennis Dalenberg for his years of service as the rules committee chairman. The Board decided to eliminate the weekly tournament when the VGA plays the SGL for the O’Keefe Cup. Therefore the cup competition will only consist of only four-ball and two-man match play competitions.

The Board decided to revamp the Club Championship for 2018. They voted to have the tournament at an out-of-town location in late September with one round on Saturday
and one on Sunday. This is a return to how the tournament was held in the recent past.

The Board added a qualification for the Most Improved Player award. For 2018 award members must have competed in a minimum of ten VGA sponsored events to be eligible. VGA sponsored events include all of the weekly VGA tournaments and all competitive rounds played at the annual John Pierce Invitational in Green Valley.

The first quarter schedule was presented to the Board and is on the VGA website. There is a nice mix of courses that are well represented on both the east and west side of town. Be sure to thank Doug Rankin for his work on the Wednesday schedule and Dan Campos for his work on the Saturday schedule.

Doug Rankin will no longer do the Wednesday schedule. Larry Burton has volunteered to take Doug’s place. Thanks Doug for doing a great job.

Upcoming tournaments
The Champion of Champions tournament is set for early May 2018. It is a two-week handicapped total strokes event for those members who won at least one VGA
Wednesday or one Saturday tournament in the previous year (November 1, 2016, through October 31, 2017). There will be a Wednesday champions’ tournament and a
separate Saturday champions’ tournament at courses to be determined. The Wednesday and Saturday winners will have an 18-hole playoff to decide the overall
Champion of Champions and the second place finishers will play for the overall third place. Prize money will be awarded at the annual banquet as follows; first place – $100,
second place – $60, and third place $40.

The Awards Banquet
The VGA held its annual awards banquet at Palmbrook on November 18. The banquet followed the completion of the VGA Club Championship’s second round at Palmbrook
Country Cub. The first round was played on November 11 at Victory Verrado. Dan Campos won the gross flight with a score of 142 and John Adair won the net flight with
a score of 132. Following is the list of money winners for the event.

Club Championship
Net Flight Gross Flight
First Place John Adair 132 – $200 Dan Campos 142 – $200
Second Rusty Silverman 134 – $150 Tom Hecocks 156 – $150
Third Larry Burton 136 – $100 Jim Bays 170 – $100
Fourth Tim Haight 138 – $75
Fifth Dan Clark 138 – $50

In addition to the above, the following prizes were distributed at the banquet.

Big Dog Awards
Wednesday Saturday
First Place Dave Dean 47 points – $100 Fred Baldwin 28 points – $100
Second Rich Golz 34 points – $60 Jeff Currie 27 points – $60
Third Tom Giljum 32 points – $40 Tony Dalton 26 points – $40

Champion of Champions
First Place Dan Christiansen $100
Second Neal Fisel $60
Third Bill Heller $40

Most Improved Golfer Lowest Net Score
Doug Patterson – $100 Ken Baca – $100 with a 58

Fred Baldwin – $100 Harley Ewing – $100

Eagles and Aces
Believe it or not, Fred Baldwin struck gold once again. He aced the second hole at Bear Creek with a six iron. It was his fifth hole-in-one in a VGA event since March 2011.

Coincidentally, the VGA instituted a new hole-in-one policy that began on November 1, 2017. VGA dues now include an additional $5.00 that will be put into a hole-in-one pot to be distributed among all members who score a hole-in-one in VGA play (the John Pierce Invitational is excluded) for the year beginning on November 1, 2017, and ending
on October 31, 2018. Therefore members who score a hole-in-one, as stated above, will receive up to $100 from the VGA towards the bar bill (from the same day), $100 cash, a hole-in-one trophy, and a share in the hole-in-one pot. The club paid $25.00 for the following members who scored an eagle this quarter.

Rusty Silverman – the par-five fourth hole at the Wigwam Red course on October 21.
Dave Dean – the par-four tenth hole at Palmbrook on October 25.
Tom Hecocks – the par-five sixth hole at Verrado Victory on November 11.
Jake Nicol – the par-five eighth hole at Legacy on December 6.
Dave Dean – the par-four fifth hole at Troon North – Monument on December 20.
Fred Baldwin – the par-five twelfth hole at Club West on December 27.

Highlights from the Third Quarter
The dam burst at Cave Creek on October 28 when Bill Heller, Fred Baldwin, and Larry Burton had net scores of 60, 63, and 64 respectively. Nice shooting guys! Al Dan had a great round at Aguila on Saturday, December 30. He shot 75 with a string of 12 pars in a row. In all, he had 15 pars and three bogeys on the day. His net score was 63. Great round all.

Other low net scores
Doug Rankin – 63 at Palmbrook on October 25.
Fred Baldwin – 63 at Bear Creek on November 1.
Larry Burton – 64 at Ken MacDonald on November 8.
Dan Delgado – 62 at Ken MacDonald on November 11.
Ron Amstutz – 60 at Viewpoint on December 23.
Dan Delgado – 62 at Club West on December 27.
Tom Hebert – 64 at Aguila on December 30.
Low gross scores
Tom Hecocks – 73 at Falcon Dunes on October 14.
Dan Campos – 74 at Verrado Victory on November 11.
Dan Campos – 72 at Palmbrook on November 18.
Dan Campos – 70 at Falcon Golf Club on December 2.
Tom Hecocks – 73 at Union Hills on December 16.

Big Dog Bites

Standings through December 31.

Fred Baldwin has jumped out to an early lead in the Wednesday race with 14 points. Larry Burton and Bob Inman are tied for second with eight points while Dan Delgado,
Harley Ewing, Jim Niblack, Jake Nicol, and Doug Patterson each have five points. Rusty Silverman is leading the Saturday race with 12 points. John Adair, Neal Fisel,
and Tom Hebert are tied for second with eight points while Dan Delgado and Bill Heller are close behind with six points.

Letters to Arnie

Dear Arnie, what is the ruling on marking a ball on the green for another player? Two-Putt Tom

Dear Tom, there are two situations in stroke play that may occur when marking a ball for an opponent on the green – one without permission of the player and the other with
permission. In the first case, if a fellow-competitor moves a player’s ball, there is no penalty, but the ball must be replaced as per rule 18-4. In the second case, a ball to be
listed under the rules of golf may only be lifted by the player, his partner or another person authorized by the player as per rule 20-1. In this case, the player is responsible
for any breach of the rules of golf. This means, for example, if the authorized person misplaces the ball on the green and it is putted from an incorrect spot, then the player
should be assessed a two-stroke penalty.

Dear Arnie, in a recent golf outing my ball came to rest on some ornamental rocks that surrounded a post. I wanted to get free relief from my lie, but my cart partner said that I
could not. After some discussion, I decided to play the ball where it laid. Could I have had free relief? Freezin’ Frank

Dear Frank, you could not get relief, but you certainly could play the ball as it laid. However, there are two other options. Unless a ball rests in a hazard, a player could
remove the surrounding rocks and debris before playing the shot. However, if the ball moves while the rocks were being removed, the ball must be replaced and the player is assessed a one-stroke penalty. If the ball is not replaced, then a two-stroke penalty should be assessed. A player could also declare the ball unplayable and drop the ball
within two club lengths of where the ball came to rest as long as it was no closer to the hole. In this case, the player would be assessed a one-stroke penalty. (See below for
two additional options for taking an unplayable lie.)

In a similar situation, if a ball comes to rest in a french drain, the player may elect to play the ball at the nearest point of relief, but no closer to the hole with no penalty.

Dear Arnie, my tee shot ended up under a bush and I decided to take an unplayable lie. I wanted to move the ball far enough so that I could swing club without interference of
the bush. However, one of my foursome said that I was only allowed to move the ball two club lengths from where the ball came to rest and no closer to the hole. Could I have moved the ball farther to avoid interference from the bush? Tee-ball Tom.

Dear Tom, there are three options when taking an unplayable lie. One – a player may drop the ball within two club lengths from where the ball lies, no closer to the hole. However, there is no provision to ensure that he has an unimpeded swing. Two – a player may drop the ball as far back as he likes from where the ball comes to rest as long as he keeps the ball in a direct line with the flag and where the ball comes to rest. Three – a player may go back to the previous lie and hit the shot again. In this case, the player would re-tee the ball. In each case, the player would be assessed a one-stroke penalty in addition to any strokes taken. In this situation, the player would be hitting stroke number three.

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The VGA has a selection of hats with our logo. There are two styles of sun-protecting hats: white with a blue or tan stripe for $35, and white with a blue trim and chin tie for $30. There are also white golf hats for $15 and visors for $10. The hats are great quality and attractive. See Fred Baldwin for details.