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2016 June, The Boulders winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson.
2016 June, The Boulders eventual winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson during the round.

There will be one year worth of Newsletters kept on this page. The very latest will be printed in its entirety. The others will have links to each one if you would like to go back and catch up on VGA news.

The VGA Eagle Second Q June 2018

From the Board Meeting June 19, 2018

The third quarter schedule was presented to the board. The highlight of the schedule is the August 4 event at Firerock, a private club in Fountain Hills. Accordingly the greens fee is $68.00 and the first tee time is scheduled for 9:30. Also there is one Sunday event at Wickenburg Ranch which will be the second round of the VGA Club Championship (see below).

The Club Championship is scheduled for the weekend of September 8 and 9. The first round will be at Los Caballeros (including a $10 food credit) and the second round at Wickenburg Ranch. Only VGA members with a minimum of ten rounds played in VGA events are eligible. The starting time for each day is 8:00 and the greens fee for both rounds is $59. The tournament will consist of two or three net flights based on the number of participants. Each flight will consist of about ten players. If there are two flights in the tournament, then the first four places in each flight will awarded prize money. If there are three flights, then the first three places in each flight will be awarded prize money. The prize money amounts will be $200 for first place, $150 for second, $100 for third, and, if needed, $75 for fourth place let’s have a great turnout! Make your plans to attend now! Players that are not eligible for the tournament are welcome to play as well. The VGA Board has been looking into the possibility of insuring the club in case a claim may be brought against the club. If you have suggestions as to how we should proceed, please contact a board member. Dan Christiansen attended the meeting. He recently had a medical procedure and is improving.

Highlights from the Second Quarter
The Champion of Champions tournament had an interesting twist – a woman won the men’s league championship! In the two-week Wednesday qualifier Margaret Storms came in first with a net 144, Rusty Silverman placed second with 147, followed by Neal Fisel with 148. Danny Clark placed first in the Saturday qualifier with a net 139, Tom Hecocks and Fred Baldwin tied at 145. Tom took second in a scorecard playoff. Margaret and Danny played for first place at Falcon Dunes where Margaret won the title of Champion of Champions with a net 69 to Danny’s 72. Tom Hecocks took third at Wickenburg Ranch with a net score of 72 to Rusty’s 82. Congratulations Margaret! Neal Fisel scored a hole-in-one at Stone Creek Golf Course on April 11. He used a five wood on the 175 yard par-three twelfth hole. Great shot, Neal! Tony Dalton witnessed the shot while standing on the 13th tee.

Five golfers scored eagles during the second quarter of VGA play. Each player was happy to accept $25 from the VGA treasury for their accuracy.

Rusty Silverman made his beauty on Kokopelli’s par four hole number two.

Tom Willis sank an eagle putt on the 500 Club’s par five number 18. He was home in two over water.

Tom Orr was home in two on Superstition Spring’s part five number 11 to make his eagle putt.

Barry Jennejahn drove the green past the pin on Falcon Dunes’ 280 yard par four 13th hole before making his downhill eagle putt. Wow!

Tony Dalton ended the second quarter with an eagle on Wickenburg Ranch’s par five number seven. In case you have forgotten, that is the green that is on top of a very large hill and, on that day, the pin was behind the trap.

John Adair once hit a shot to that green only to see the ball roll back off the green downhill 150 feet! Great shooting guys!

Three golfers broke the 65 net barrier at Raven South Mountain on
May 30th. Barry Jennejahn led the field with a net 60, followed by Bill Heller’s 62, and Mike Roether placed third with a 63. Great scores men!

Other low net scores
Danny Delgado – 64 at The 500 Club on May 16.
Larry Burton – 64 at Verrado – Victory on June 9.
Bill Heller – 62 at Moon Valley on June 27.
Margaret Storms – 64 at Moon Valley on June 27.

Low gross scores
John Adair – 72 at Cave Creek on April 28.
Mark Mathews – 73 at Cave Creek on April 28.
Tom Willis – 74 (64 net) at Troon North on May 23.
Dan Campos – 68 at Verrado – Victory on June 9.
Dan Campos – 74 at Southern Dunes on June 23.
Dan Campos – 72 at Wickenburg Ranch on June 30.

Big Dog Bites Standings through July 7.
Bill “The Carver” Heller sliced his way into the lead of both Big Dog races during the second quarter. He is leading the Wednesday contest with 35 points and the Saturday contest with 27 points. Unfortunately he has been unable to see any of his shots. Fred Baldwin has fallen back to second in the Wednesday race with 26 points one point ahead of both Mike Roether and Tom Willis. Larry Burton is next with 19 points. Tony Dalton has played well recently and is in second place in the Saturday race with 22 points. Rusty Silverman and Lloyd Snively are only point behind Tony. John Adair is next with 20 points. In case you are new to the VGA, Big Dog points are awarded as follows – five points for first place, three for second, and one for third. When the event has two flights, the top three in both flights are awarded points as mentioned above.

Letters to Arnie
Dear Arnie, I recently hit a pitch shot from far below the hole. As soon as I struck the ball I realized that it was going to roll back down the hill towards two of my other clubs that I had laid on the ground. I quickly ran over to those clubs and picked them up. If I hadn’t moved them my ball would have struck one or both clubs. Now I am wondering if I broke one of the rules of golf and should have assessed myself a penalty. Leapin” Larry

Dear Larry, there is no penalty in this case. In your example, there is an exception for moving your clubs. Rule 24-1 b) states “When a ball is in motion, an obstruction (in this case your clubs) that might influence the movement of the ball, other than equipment of any player or the flagstick when attended, removed or held up, must not be moved. Obviously you would be considered any player and you should not have been penalized. If an obstruction is moved, for example a player moves an unattended flagstick to avoid striking it with his putt, and then he would incur a two-stroke penalty. See rule 1-2.

Dear Arnie, recently I hit a shot over a water hazard that landed on the far-side bank within the hazard and then rolled back into the water. Could I have dropped the ball in the hazard at the point where it hit on the bank and played from there? Shootin’ Shorty

Dear Shorty, if your ball did not clear the hazard, then the answer is no. A ball that comes to rest in a hazard may be declared unplayable. One option is to take a one-stroke penalty and drop the ball within two club lengths of where it entered the hazard, or passed over the hazard boundary. Since your ball did not pass the boundary of the hazard after crossing the water, it cannot be legally dropped where it hit in the hazard. A player who plays his ball from the wrong location is to be assessed a two-stroke penalty. This rule does not apply to a sand trap. You may declare a ball in a sand trap unplayable, but you must drop in the trap, no closer to the hole, and assess yourself a one-stroke penalty.

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