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2016 June, The Boulders winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson.
2016 June, The Boulders eventual winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson during the round.

There will be one years worth of Newsletters kept on this page. The very latest will be printed in its entirety. The others will have links to each one if you would like to go back and catch up on VGA news.

The VGA Eagle

Second Quarter 2017 From the Board Meeting June 20, 2017

 Upcoming tournaments

The Don Peterson two-man Best Ball tournaments are scheduled for Wednesday, September 6 at Legacy and Saturday, September 9 at Legends at Arrowhead.  Members will be paired by the event coordinator.  This is a prize money event paying the following to each team:  first – $100, second – $60, and third – $40.  It’s a fun event.  Come out and play with one your golfing colleagues.

The VGA Club Championship will be happening later this year.  The first week is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th at a site to be determined and Saturday, November 18th at Palmbrook Golf Course.  The VGA annual awards banquet will follow the Palmbrook round.  All members are welcome to attend the banquet that is hosted by the VGA.  Lunch is paid by your club.  Drinks are on you.

Details of these events and others are found on the VGA website, Event News tab then to the VGA Special events here tab.

The VGA Desert Rule – Once Again!

For players that elect to use the VGA desert rule please heed the following;In order for the Desert Rule to apply, the ball must pass over grass and remain in-bounds. The player then may drop the ball in the grass, within two club lengths of where it entered the desert, no closer to the hole. The player is then assessed a one-stroke penalty. The ball does not have to be found in order to use the rule.  However, the foursome must rule that the ball in not out-of-bounds.

 If a player decides to play the ball out of the desert, and after completing the stroke the ball remains in the desert without crossing grass, he forfeits his use of the desert rule and must continue to play the ball in the desert. He may do so by playing the shot where the ball lies or by taking an unplayable lie for a one-stroke penalty.  In taking an unplayable lie, the ball is placed within two club lengths of where the ball came to rest, but no closer to the hole.

 If the ball enters the desert at one point and is found closer to the hole, the ball is not dropped from a point opposite where it is found, but at the point of entry.

Eagles and Aces

Harley Ewing scored his first ace on May 22nd at Ocotillo – Blue Course.  The newly acclaimed “Big Lefty” used his nine-iron on the 126-yard 7th hole.  Rumor has it that it was a thing of beauty.  The shot screamed down the left side of the fairway, through a gaggle of geese as well as some ducks, rolled onto the green, and then turned 90 degrees and rolled into the hole!  Congratulations Harley!  “Big Lefty” also had an eagle on the par five 3rd Hole at Club West on April 5th.  Well done.

Dan Christiansen eagled the par four 4th hole at Sun City North on May 6th.  It was Dan’s second eagle in six months.  Danny boy is on a roll.  He’s winning events again too.  Look out VGA.

Tom Hebert made an eagle by chipping in his third shot from off the green on the par five 2nd hole at Qunitero, July 1st.

Rusty Silverman eagled the par five, 11th hole at the Cave Creek Golf Club on April 8th.  The hole was so memorable, that when asked, he forgot about it.

The club pays $25.00 for any member who scores and eagle.

Highlights from Quarter Two 2017   

Some low net scores

 Neal Fisel – 63 at Club West and 61 at Whirlwind Devil’s Claw

 Ben Hughes – 63 at the Falcon Club Course

 Rich Golz – 62 at Foothills

 Chad Olberding – 62 at Ken MacDonald

 Ron Amstutz – 60 at Palm Valley.

 Larry Burton – 62 at Quintero

One low gross score

Dan Campos shot a 69 at Wickenburg Ranch on June 14th.

Big Dog Bites

Standings through July 15th The Wednesday Big Dog race is a real dogfight.  Dave Dean, Tom Giljum, and Rich Golz are tied for first place with 26 points each.  Holding at 19 points is Doug Patterson and Fred Baldwin has 17 points.

The Saturday Big Dog race is also competitive.  Jeff Currie is in first with 24 points, followed by Dan Christiansen with 21 points and Fred Baldwin and Ben Hughes with 20 points each.  Dan Clark is in fourth place with 19 points and Rusty Silverman finishes out the top five with 17 points.

Letters to Arnie

 Dear Arnie,

I would like a ruling on hazards marked with yellow stakes.  Recently, I hit my ball over a hazard marked with a yellow stake, but the ball rebounded back into the hazard.  I was about to drop my ball no closer to hole on the forward side of the hazard, when another golfer in my foursome said that I had to drop the ball on the opposite side of the hazard because it was defined with yellow stakes.  Was that the correct way for me to play my next shot?  Jungle Jim.

Dear Jungle Jim,

The ball as played was correct. There are two penalty options as outlined in 26-1a. and 26-2b. below which apply to both red and yellow stakes.  In your case it was correct to follow rule 26-1b. and drop the ball on the side of the hazard away from the hole.  However, there is one additional penalty option as noted in 26-1c. If the water hazard is a lateral hazard, marked by red stakes only, a player may drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball entered the hazard no closer to the hole. Also, a player always has the option to play the ball where it lies.

Per Rules of Golf by the USGA

26-1. Relief for Ball in Water Hazard

If a ball is found in a water hazard or if it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the water hazard (whether the ball lies in water or not), the player may under penalty of one stroke:

  1. Proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1by playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5); or
  2. Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazarddirectly between the holeand the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the water hazard the ball may be dropped; or
  3. As additional options available only if the ball last crossed the margin of a lateral water hazard, drop a ball outside the water hazardwithin two club-lengths of and not nearer the holethan (i) the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard or (ii) a point on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.

(Source: USGA)

A player strikes his ball into high grass and properly plays a provisional ball. He prefers to continue play with the provisional ball but a fellow-competitor announces that the original ball is found in less than five minutes of search. The player refuses to identify the ball that is found. What is the ruling?

He must inspect the ball that was found; if a player has dishonestly not identified a ball that is his, the Committee should disqualify the player.

Additional Note – 27-2. Provisional Ball

c. When Provisional Ball to be Abandoned

If the original ball is neither lost nor out of bounds, the player must abandon the provisional ball and continue playing the original ball. If it is known or virtually certain that the original ball is in a water hazard, the player may proceed in accordance with Rule 26-1. In either situation, if the player makes any further strokes at the provisional ball, he is playing a wrong ball and the provisions of Rule 15-3 apply (a two-stroke penalty).

(Source: USGA)

The Phoenix City Golf Card

VGA members may renew their Phoenix City Golf card on the yearly anniversary of its purchase.  The renewal cost is $30.  The VGA will continue to reimburse $10.00 to VGA members who purchase a new city card.

VGA Hats for Sale! 

The VGA has a selection of good quality hats with our logo. There are two styles including: white with a blue or tan trim for $35, sand with a tan trim for $35 (not shown in the picture), and white with a blue trim and chin tie for $30. There are also white golf hats for $15 and visors for $10. See Fred Baldwin for details.