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 Wednesday events contact is Neal Fisel at 623-363-6658  or email Neal Fisel. Saturday events contact is Tony Dalton at 623-910-1094 or email Tony Dalton. Want to know what to expect?  Click here. Read the complete sign-up rules by clicking on this link prior to signing up if you are not familiar with them. They will govern your entry. Check weather forecast. Click here. Next VGA event is Saturday, Nov 25, 2017, Ken McDonald at 8:00 AM for $ 40 + tax. To view any Pairing (Tee sheets) or Handicap or results, Click here anytime. Online Entry form to enter VGA events is below.

Legend (Range balls inc. unless marked 1=no range balls, 2=Lunch, 3=food credit or another prize +=Plus tax) Please fill out the form with all required entries below. 

Your Scorecard: VGA strives to be accurate and quick in gathering your data as humanly possible. Mistakes can be made. You need to do your part to help, because believe it or not you might make an error too. As it has always been, scorecards must be dated, signed by the scorer, marked for the tees you used and most importantly signed and attested by the cart that is not turning in their card. If your scorecard is not properly filled out it won’t be accepted. If you must leave before the event is calculated and paid out, be double sure you do this. Once the payout is done is it over and history. No changes can be made after the fact. This policy was reviewed by the VGA board at last nights (6/23/2015) meeting. No rule was changed, just reviewed and hope everyone continues to try as hard as possible to be as accurate as they can. Please, once again try to do your part too.