Big Dogs & Aces and Eagles

2016 Hole in Ones
2016 Hole in Ones
May 24th 2017.Today I guess I proved an old golf adage, if you roll enough balls toward a par three cup eventually one will go in. It did today for me at Ocotillo Blue course hole #7. It was playing 126 yards today. I was shooting last and had been playing my usual hellter skelter good bad game but today I had one thing going for me. Luck and I had more than my share of it today. Using a Ping 9 iron which for that shot should have been more than I needed and yellow Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis ball. Fortunately I sculled the shot and it hooked right into the little swale in that green. It rolled to the top of the swale reversed it’s course and went directly into the hole. Luck surpasses skill every time. I have made 4 eagles longer then that shot but this was my first hole in one. I hit some other amazing shots today but that was the most thrilling for me. Let the dust begin to accumulate…..Harley Ewing
January 21, 2017….Lightning has struck again, and again, and again. Despite very windy conditions at Wickenburg Country Club, Fred Baldwin had another hole-in-one. He aced the third hole from 137 yards with a six iron into a steady wind. The shot hit short of the green and bounced onto the left rough and then rolled downhill into the hole. It was Fred’s fourth hole-in-one in the last four years.

On June 11th, Tom “No Shoes” Hecocks holed it out on Karsten’s No. 16 for his first hole-in-one.  Well done Tommy.

Fred Baldwin aced the third hole at Superstition Springs on January 20th with his trusty 9 iron.  It was his third ace in five years!
Steve Richter hole in one on #16 at Mesa Country Club. Using an 8 iron at 147 yards.

VGA Recent Eagles Scorers

Saturday, September 16th, 2017, Dan Campos scored an Eagle on hole # 7 at Wickenburg Ranch. He also won the event with a 61 net.

Saturday, August  19th, 2017, Larry Burton scores an Eagle on hole #5 at the Raven @ South Mountain.

Saturday, August 12, 2017, Ron Amstutz scores an Eagle on #3 at Camelback-Ambiente Course.

Saturday. August 5, 2017, Rusty Silverman scored an Eagle on #18 at the Legacy Golf Resort. Per Rusty, Bombed 3 wood off the tee. Another 3 wood just short and chipped it to take Freddy’s money”.

Saturday, April 8, 2017: Rusty Silverman hole an Eagle on hole #3 at Cave Creek.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017: Harley Ewing scored an Eagle on #3 hole at Club West. Harley finished the Eagle from the Green fringe area about 60 feet away with a pitching wedge. John Euler birdied the same hole. 

Saturday November 26th 2016: Dan Campos eagled the 17th hole at Ken MacDonald.

Wednesday December 28, 2016: Dan Christiansen eagled the 10th hole at Palmbrook GC.

Tony “Mr. President” Dalton eagled the ninth hole, a par five 535-yard hole at the Gold Canyon Dinosaur Mountain course on July 9th.  That’s a great eagle!

Rich Golz, a recent new member to the VGA, eagled the second hole, a par four 300 yard hole at Southern Dunes on August 24th.  It was a shot to be remembered.  Rich hit his drive into a fairway trap 50 yards from the green.  He then hit a screamer that bounced over the green and up a steep hill for at least 20 feet.  The ball hesitated, and then rolled down the hill, onto the green, and into the hole!  Wow!

Ben Hughes eagled the fourteenth hole, a par four 337-yard hole, at GCU on September 3rd.  Ben jarred the hole with a wedge.  NICE SHOT after four mishits with the same club earlier in the round.  It’s a good thing he didn’t throw it in the pond on 13 as some VGA players have done in the past.

John Adair eagled hole number eight at Moon Valley.

Billy “I Can’t See It” Heller eagled the par-five hole number two from 160 yards at Casa Grande.  Way to go Billy!

The Big Dog competitions occurs over the period of one year.  They start on the first Wednesday and Saturday events on or after the end of the fiscal year ending on November 1st  The competitions end on the Wednesday before and the Saturday of the fiscal year November 1st. For each event, points are allotted to the first, second, and third place – five points for first, three for second, and one point for third place finishers.  The golfers with the highest accumulation of Big Dog points for the year, one for Wednesdays and one for Saturdays, are declared the Big Dogs.  Their prize money is awarded at the banquet for first, second, and third place for both Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The more frequently one plays, the better chance to be a Big Dog winner.

2017 VGA Big Dogs Nov. 1, 2016, to Oct. 31, 2017 

Big Dogs for (Wednesdays 2017) rev: 9/13/2017 Points
1st-Rich Golz 34
2nd-Dave Dean
3rd-Tom Giljum 29
4th-Fred Baldwin
5th-Doug Patterson
Big Dogs for (Saturdays 2017) rev: 9/16/2017 Points
1st-Fred Baldwin 25
2nd-Jeff Currie 24
3rd-Tie-Burton, Christiansen, Silverman
4th-Ben Hughes 20
5th-Dan Campos 19

2016 VGA Big Dogs Nov. 1, 2015, to Oct. 31, 2016

Big Dogs for (Wednesdays 2016) rev: 12/07/2016-Final Results Points
1st-Dave Dean
2nd-Ron Gunderson
3rd-Tony Dalton 36
4th-John Adair
5th-Steve Richter
Big Dogs for (Saturdays 2016) rev: 12/07/2017-Final Results Points
1st-Tim Haight 37
2nd-Fred Baldwin 28
3rd-Tie-Danny Clark, Jeff Currie
4th-Ron Gunderson 18
5th-Jim Bays 17