Saturday, March 26, 2016 Ken McDonald and final round of Champion of Champions for Saturdays.

Ken McDonald

Ken McDonald and Las Vegas. What do they have in common you ask? Numbers like 7 and 11. For me it was 7 7 7, come 11. Numbers that do not a good score make. Ken Baca on the other hand blistered the course for a 57, yes 57 net and blew the field away. Great job Ken. Stephen Jordan and Al Dan tied at 64 net. Stephen scored 2nd on the scorecard playoff leaving Al in 3rd. Drinks were provided to VGA members by Jim O’Keefe’s daughter Debbie and we do appreciate that and we do miss Jim. Next up Wednesday March 30 2016 Kokopelli  8:30 AM $48.00. Let’s all get out and do battle with a tough course.

Ken McDonald 3-26-2016

The final results for the Saturday Tournament of Champions. The following will compete in the Champion of Champions.  They are to play the matches together by agreement. For overall first place: Tony Dalton – Wednesday first place versus Ken Baca – Saturday first place For overall third place: Dave Dean – Wednesday second place versus Bill Heller – Saturday second place.

In Memory of James “Jim” O’Keefe

JIm OKeefe

Jim passed away yesterday at 11:30 Am. He was hospitalized and did not recover from the effects of pneumonia and old age. I’ve met a few people in my time, but never any as nice and personable as this gentle soul. He will be missed by all that  knew him. It was his wishes to be cremated and have no funeral. If that changes I will pass it along. VGA expresses condolences to his family and friends. I cannot imagine your sorrow.

RIP Jim, March 23rd, 2016….Harley Ewing

I have inventoried Jim O’Keefe’s golf equipment that I picked up at his house.  I would like you to put the inventory on the VGA webpage so that members could look over the list and decide if they would like any of Jim’s things.  All things would be offered as first – first served. Thanks Fred Baldwin.

A Tribute to Jim by Fred Baldwin: As you all know, Jim O’Keefe passed away on the 23rd of March 2016. He was a well-liked gentleman with many positive qualities and a saint of a man if there is one. However, you may still wonder where is Jim O’Keefe today? Well, this is the beginning of his story.

As Jim approached the Pearly Gates he noticed their grandeur and thought to himself in his usual self-effacing manner “Not too shabby”. He looked for Saint Peter, but no one was at the gates. He thought he would pass through the gates unnoticed, when Saint Peter appeared out of nowhere to Jim’s amazement. Disappointed about getting through without having to confess, he said quietly to himself, “I’ll be a nasty name”.

Saint Peter said “Hello. Jim or should I call you Joker. I am glad to meet you. I wish I had more like you greeting me at the Pearly Gates”.

Jim thanked Saint Peter for his compliment and started to walk through the gates when Saint Peter said, “Wait a minute Jim, you must confess your sins first”. Noticing that Jim hesitated Saint Peter pointed out that everyone who wanted to pass through the gates needed to confess their sins. However, Saint Peter added, “Due to your good character Jim, I only ask that you confess to your worst sin”.

Jim looked at Saint Peter and responded with “I don’t wanna talk about it”.

Saint Peter stepped back and looked disconcerted. “Jim, you must confess at least one sin to enter. There is no other way”.

Jim thought for a minute about what Saint Peter said, rubbed his chin, and then smiled. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a brand-new deck of playing cards. He nimbly opened the pack, took out the cards, and removed the jokers as Saint Peter watched in wonderment. Jim easily split the deck in two and fanned the halves together two or three times. He then shuffled the deck for a moment. Looking directly at Saint Peter.

Saint Peter, taken aback, said, “What are you doing Jim? Why did you take out that deck of cards?”

Jim said, “Perhaps there is another way for me to pass through the gates”.

Saint Peter asked, “What are you talking about? You should know there is only one way to pass through the gates”.

Jim asked Saint Peter, “Have you ever heard of Crazy Bridge?”

“To tell the truth, recently, in anticipation of meeting you here, I have been watching you and the Valley Golfers playing that game. I have been most intrigued and have wondered why you call it Crazy Bridge. What are you proposing?”

Jim smiled to himself as he said, “Let’s play one hand of Crazy Bridge. If you win, I will confess my worst sin, if I win, I get to pass through the gates without confessing”.

“Are you suggesting that we gamble?”

“You might call it that”.

“Gambling is not allowed here!”

“It’s just a game,” Jim replied.

Saint Peter, as always, had a pious and reverent look on is face, but he was smiling inside. He thought, “How can I lose? I have the power of the divine on my side! He is only a frail human! I cannot lose, he thought triumphantly”.

“Okay Jim” he said demurely. “Even though it is highly irregular, I agree to your proposal” as he grew excited within himself.

Jim asked, “Would you like to deal?”

“Oh no! I should not even touch the cards. Go ahead Jim. You deal”.

Once again, Jim nimbly shuffled the cards and dealt one card to Saint Peter and one to himself. He put the deck down and turned up the Queen of spades saying, “Spades are trump”.

Saint Peter picked up his card and despite his best effort, a small trace of a smile appeared on his lips. He boldly announced, “I bid one Jim”.

Jim thought about Saint Peter’s bid for a moment. He then reached for his card and turned up one corner and withdrew his hand. He looked off to the side and up at an angle as though he was deep in thought.

Saint Peter asked anxiously, “What are you going to bid”?

Jim remained silent. He turned up the edge of his card once again, looked a little doubtful, and a little crestfallen.

Saint Peter asked again, however with more confidence “Jim, what are you going to bid?’

Jim had the look of indecisiveness as he blurted out “one”.

Saint Peter couldn’t restrain himself as he picked up his card and slapped the King of Spades down for Jim to see. His look of piety and reverence was gone wiped out by a huge smile. He announced, “I guess this means, you are going to have to confess your worst sin”.

Jim looked defeated which only broadened Saint Peter’ s smile. He slowly reached for his card, and hesitated, looked away again, and then focused on Saint Peter’s face as Jim turned up the ace of spades. He then smiled reverently.

Saint Peter could not believe his eyes. His smiled disappeared and his face drained of color. He stammered, “But, but, I, I, I had the power of the divine on my side. How could you have beaten me?”

Jim quietly observed, “I guess the card gods got you”.

Saint Peter said,” That doesn’t make sense. I should have won. How could you have won?”

Jim nonchalantly replied, “That’s why the game is called Crazy Bridge”.

Jim picked up the cards and placed them back in the pack and put the pack in his pocket.

Saint Peter asked, “Why did you have cards here anyway? What do you expect to do with then inside of the Pearly Gates”?

“Well, I know I have some friends in there that would enjoy playing Crazy Bridge with me once again.”

As Jim passed through the gates he said to Saint Peter, “Thank you, it has been my pleasure. And by the way, you can call me Joker.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2016-Wigwam-Heritage & Final round of Wednesday Champion of Champions play.

Wigwam Heritage Red Course to some of us.
Wigwam Heritage Red Course to some of us.

Gorgeous day to play golf and Ron Gunderson made the most of it. Winning the event with a 67 net. Second place went to newcomer Mike Clarke with a 68 net. Third went to Tony Dalton at 69 net.  Next VGA Event, Saturday  March 26 2016 Ken McDonald 8:00 AM Shotgun Start $48.00.

Wigwam 3-23-2016

2016 Champion of Champions Final Standings

Champ of Champs 2016 results

Saturday-March 19th 2016-Cave Creek-& Saturday’s Champion of Champions play

18 Hole Championship Course. 15202 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85023
Cave Creek City of Phx 18 Hole Championship Course. 15202 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85023

Valley Golfers Association has migrated their website to a new provider. Although it is still using WordPress format the old WordPress site is no more. In order to avoid confusion for yourself and others it would be a good idea to be sure you are on the correct site. You made need to clear your computers cache to make sure it isn’t still pulling up the old site from data stored in your computer. If you need help with it call me at 480-648-8589 and I will help you. The new site should look like this.New site pic

Well some guys you may not expect to come to the top were there today and I mean big time. Cave Creek surrendered to Bill Heller with another stunner 60 net for 1sts place. Second place went to Eddie Little at 63 net. Tom Giljum got 3rd place at 66 net. No Atta-Boys today. Danny Campos had 4 birds and shot 73 gross and lost by 12 strokes. Who’d a thunk it! Next VGA event, Wednesday March 23  2016 Wigwam – Heritage 9:00 AM $55.00.  Hey get out there any one has a chance.Cave Creek C.C. 3-19-2016 Results

2016 Champion of Champion Play for Saturdays.

Champ of Champs 2016 results Sat


Hello VGA members! Welcome to New Site.

Wednesday March 16th 2016 Moon Valley & Champion of Champions play.

Moon Valley

The site of Annika Sorenstam’s historic 59 at the 2001 Standard Register PING LPGA Tournament, Moon Valley Country Club is an impressive facility.The Clubhouse won the “2009 Renovation of the Year Award” by Golf Inc. Magazine.CBIGG Management acquired Moon Valley Country Club in May of 2013. One of the largest up and coming ownership groups with 27 properties throughout the United States, CBIGG Management has continued to improve the conditions and facilities at Moon Valley Country Club.

Well here they are total Scoring for today’s event at Moon Valley CG and for the 1st round of the Champions of Champions Tournament. Tony in first at 64 net, Dave Dean was 2nd with a 65 net and Richard Brooks got 3rd at 66 net. Too bad the Atta-Boys weren’t needed today, Jim Bays, Tom Giljun, Doug Patterson, Rusty Silverman, Ollie Wentzel all tied at 71 net. Atta boy to all of you. Four Birds today for Tony, no Jackrabbits however. 😉

1 Dalton, Tony 11.7 76 64 3,8,11,14 1st
2 Dean, Dave 11.5 77 65 5,13 2nd
3 Brooks, Richard 10.5 77 66 2,3,11 3rd
4 Bays, Jim 11.0 82 71 14
5 Giljum, Tom 11.4 83 71 3
6 Patterson, Doug 11.2 83 71 11
7 Silverman, Rusty 12.5 84 71 17
8 Wentzel, Ollie 19.7 91 71 5
9 Baca, Kenneth 22.8 96 72
10 Fisel, Neal 14.7 87 72
11 Clark, Daniel 14.5 88 73 15
12 Arvizu, Al 13.8 88 74
13 Baldwin, Fred 16.8 91 74
14 Christiansen, Dan 10.3 85 74
15 Dalenberg, Dennis 25.1 100 74
16 Heller, Bill 29.0 104 74
17 Lukert, Gordon 20.8 97 75
18 Rataezyk, Jack 4.2 83 76 8,13,14
19 Richter, Steve 12.0 88 76
20 Miller, Coy 32.5 111 77
21 Pierce, John 21.6 104 82
22 Clarke, Mike 15.5 99 83
23 Bertram, Greg 11.4
24 Bosiak, Victor 30.6

Champion of Champions 1st Round Scores

Wednesdays  Total 130
Name Rd1 Rd2 Total $$ 1st $65
1 Baca, Ken 72 10 2nd $39
2 Baldwin, Fred 74 10 3rd $26
3 Bays, Jim 71 10
4 Christiansen, Dan 74 10
5 Dalenberg, Dennis 74 10
6 Dalton, Tony 64 10
7 Dean, Dave 65 10
8 Fisel, Neal 72 10
9 Giljum, Tom 71 10
10 Heller, Bill 74 10
11 Lukert, Gordon 75 10
12 Patterson, Doug 71 10
13 Rataezyk, Jack 76 10


Oakwood Country Club SunLakes.jpg

Hi VGA golfers!

I am a member of the East Valley Marine Corps League and we are having a tournament on Friday, April 15th, at Oakwood Golf and Country Club in Sun Lakes (off Riggs Road and I-10).  We would like to invite you to come and play for a good time and a great cause. All net proceeds from our events go to help veteran Marines in the Phoenix area.  We have NO admin or executive charges as all our members are charged with vetting and evaluating and managing our donations.  We help veterans who have an immediate need, like making their home handicap accessible, buying a guide dog, a wheelchair or even a first and last month’s rent! This event is one of two we have each year (the other is the Marine Corps Birthday ball in November). There will be some great prizes and opportunities to win cars for a hole in one, golf clubs, cash and etc.  It promises to be a lot of fun at a great course for a great cause. Consider signing up, or getting a foursome together to do so. The flier to sign up is attached.(Click here)  Cost is $75 which includes a great goody bag, golf, balls and lunch.  Bring some extra cash to buy other goodies like mulligans and raffle tickets (we can accept credit cards!) Note that this tournament is on FRIDAY, and a great warm-up for our championship at Viewpoint the next day.

Thanks to all of you for your consideration!  Hope to see you there.

Semper Fidelis!

Doug Patterson, VGA and East Valley Marine Corps League #1296 member.

John Pierce’s Green Valley Invitational Schedule

  1. May 26nd-29th 2016 Thursday Practice Round May 26 at Canoa Ranch 10:00 am
  2. Friday Round-May 27th Torres Blancas at 10:00 am
  3. Saturday Round May 28rd San Ignacio Golf Club 8:00 am
  4. Sunday Round May 29th Canoa Ranch 8:00am

Enter thru this link. Click here if you wish to sign up. Or use regular sign up on website.

Canoa Ranch

Canoa Ranch Golf Course Green Valley AZ.

The pairing of Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley brings together two individuals with a common passion for the game of golf. The Schmidt-Curley partnership dates back to 1984.

The formation of Schmidt-Curley combines two friends and seasoned professionals with a strong desire to continue creating courses that will stand the test of time. Schmidt-Curley projects span from California to Arizona, Las Vegas to China, Louisiana to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Their Philosophy is to design a course that is demanding, but at the same time beautiful and enjoyable. A course that stirs the senses and elevates the players’ appreciation of the land and his own game.

Over the last 15 years, the duo has worked on more than 100 courses in 24 countries. Other projects include the other nine courses at Mission Hills Hainan;Thailand’s Siam Country Club and Amata Spring Golf Club; 10 of the 12 courses at Mission Hills Shenzhen; Southern Dunes Golf Club (Arizona,USA); the renovation of French Lick Resort’s Donald Ross Course (Indiana,USA) and many more.

As you will see, Canoa Ranch will mimic Lee and Brian’s effort to provide the finest product possible. From the panoramic views of Elephant Head to the beauty of Green Valley, Canoa Ranch is enjoyable, beautiful and memorable.

Info about the event itself:

The John Pierce Invitational Tournament is a stroke play tournament usually held in late May or early June at venues typically in or around the Green Valley Arizona area. The tournament is a three day event covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a practice round on Thursday for those invited to participate. The VGA recognizes this event as an official tournament and all individual scores are posted daily as tournament scores in accordance with USGA rules. However, the VGA Board of Directors has designated this event only for the purpose of counting these rounds towards the 10 VGA rounds required for eligibility to win the Club Championship. This also means there are no Big Dog points awarded or Hole in One prizes awarded. The VGA treasury does not contribute funds for this tournament. Entry fees are collected from participants and prizes paid to winners in amounts solely determined by the event coordinator.

Video: Youngster shows Tiger Woods how to ace the 1st hole on Tigers architected course.