Valley Golfers Association

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VGA Contacts

Event Coordinators:

Neal Fisel at (623) 363-6658, for Wednesday Events. Must call the Sunday prior to the event.

Tony Dalton at (623) 910-1094, for Saturday Events. Must call the Wednesday prior to the event.

We do not have a physical address so if you would like to contact us, email us at

2014 VGA  Support Teams

President -Tom Hecocks, VP-Tony Dalton, Secretary-Rusty Silverman, Treasurer-Fred Baldwin

Committee & Special Assignments
Tournament Committee-Harry Dunham for Wednesday events and Doug Rankin for Saturday events

Handicap Committee
Neal Fisel-Dennis Dalenberg-Tony Dalton

Rules Committee
Harry Dunham(Chair)-Neal Fisel-Don Peterson

Finance(Chair)-Fred Baldwin

Web Manager-Harley Ewing

Tom Hecocks-Don Peterson-Fred Baldwin-Allen Bettin-Tony Dalton-Jeff Currie-Harry Dunham-Neal Fisel-Tom Giljum-Phil Gudenschwager-Jim O’Keefe-Rusty Silverman-Harley Ewing-Ron Amstutz, Jim Bays, John Adair, Lloyd Snively.